Claritin Generic (Loratadine)

Claritin Generic (Loratadine)

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Claritin Generic is a different name for the same Loratadine ingredients. The content of Claritin Generic pills is absolutely the same as in the branded Loratadine analogue.

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General Info: Uses and Effects

This drug is used as an antihistamine for treating allergies ranging from running nose, watery eyes, sneezing and hay fever as well as other forms of allergic symptoms. It does not treat serious allergies. However if the doctor has prescribed using epinephrine Claritin is not advisable to be used and the patient should always keep an epinephrine injector. It is vital to understand the manufacturer's instructions before usage so the patient can be aware of as to when to seek medical advice. This drug should not be used in children below six years of age and should only be used upon the doctor's advice. Chewable tablets should not be consumed by children below 2 years of age except when the doctor has advised to do so, severe precaution is advised.

Contraindication: Important to Know

The usage of this drug is not advisable if the patient has allergic reactions. A doctor should be consulted if the patient is suffering from any kind of disease related to the kidney or liver. The doctor or the pharmacist should be well informed of the medical history of the patient and self-treating is not an advisable thing to do. One should avoid activities that requires being alert, however Loratadine is not known to cause drowsiness when used as per the correct dosage. If the patient is considering using this drug for treatment of hives but has symptoms such as hives of peculiar color, hives which do cause itching and look bruised as well as blistered. The tablets that are chewable contain an ingredient called aspartame. Patients with phenylketonuria or any other medical condition which does not recommend aspartame, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted about safe administration of Claritin. Precaution has to be taken when aged patients use this drug that are more sensitive to drowsiness or confusion and may cause the risk of falling in such patients. If the patient is pregnant Claritin should be used as per the doctor's recommendations. The medicine which passed to breast milk may not harm the feeding infant but consultation with a doctor is always advised before using Loratadine. The medicine should be kept out of reach of children to avoid any chances of overdosing. If the patient is over sixty years of age there should be careful management and monitoring. Patient with high chances of delirium are not advised to use Claritin which increase the inducement of delirium or worsen it. Patients with dementia or cognitive disability are also not advised to use Loratadine which may worsen the condition in the patient.

Instructions on taking

All instructions should be read on the product and follow the doctor's directions before using it. Claritin can be taken along with food or without it. If chewable tablets are consumed, each tablet should be chewed well and ingested.

Loratadine should be kept depending on the different strengths of Claritin. One can read the instructions on the label or ask the pharmacist. It should be kept away from light and not be kept in the bathroom. It should be kept out of reach of children and pets. The medications should not flush unless instructed and should be safely discarded when it reaches the expiry date or not required anymore. A pharmacist or waste disposal company should be contacted regarding proper and safe disposal of Claritin.

In adults and children six years and above two teaspoons is consumable where dosage exceeding that amount is not recommended in a span of twenty four hours. Children ages between two years and six years of age should take one teaspoonful and should not exceed the amount in a time span of twenty four hours.


Loratadine should be used only with the enclosed dosing cup. The dosage is based on the patient's age, condition and the effect of Claritin on the patient. Claritin should be consumed as per the dosage directed by the doctor and should be taken as per the age of the patient. A doctor should with any delay be contacted if allergy symptoms do not subside after three days of using Loratadine of if hives last for a span of more than six weeks. Medical attention should be sought if the condition does not improve or incase if there is any serious health issues such as allergic issue or anaphylaxis. When the patient is below two years old, a doctor should be consulted before any usage of Loratadine. Patients suffering from kidney and liver disease should consult a doctor as well. One teaspoon contains 5 mg, and Loratadine should not be used if the tape stamped with "SEAL YOUR PROTECTION" on bottom and top of the carton is found tampered or is broken.

In case of overdose causing breathing problems or passing out immediate emergency should be contacted or the posing control center should be informed. Symptoms of overdosing may also cause heavy drowsiness. The medicine should not be used with others if a doctor has prescribed it to a specific individual. In case intake of the dosage is missed it should be taken immediately when the patient remembers it, but if the time has come close to the next dosage it can be skipped and continue with the usual dosage routine.

Side Effects

The medicine does not seem to have any know side effects. However if unusual effects happen, the doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. Serious allergies are not associated with Loratadine but the patient should seek medical help if there are symptoms of rash, itching, swelling in the throat, face and tongue, dizziness, breathing problems.

Interaction with Other Drugs

It advisable to inform the doctor or pharmacist of all the products that are used by the patient which may include prescription as well non-prescription drugs, herbal products to determine the influence. Desloratadine is similar to Loratadine and when using it, Loratadine should not be used.


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