Zyrtec Generic (Cetirizine)

Zyrtec Generic (Cetirizine)

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Zyrtec Generic is a different name for the same Cetirizine ingredients. The content of Zyrtec Generic pills is absolutely the same as in the branded Cetirizine analogue.

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General Info: Uses and Effects

This medication is a kind of second generation antihistamine that helps in decreasing the production of the natural chemical histamine in the body. Histamine causes symptoms related to running nose, itching, watery eyes or sneezing. The medication is used in controlling and treating of such symptoms. Other symptoms such as itching and swelling caused by hives can also be treated with this medication. However the medication is not used for treating hives and other severe allergic conditions such as anaphylaxis. If the doctor has prescribed epinephrine for treating severe allergies, it is advised that the patient does not use Cetirizine. The drug was a prescription medicine till 2007, when the Food and Drug Administration approved of it as an over the counter medicine. It can also be used as a medication for treating dermatitis in dogs only under the medical guidance of a qualified veterinarian. The medication is not without any side effects in either animals or humans if not used without correct medical advice.

Contraindication: Important to Know

The usage of this medication is contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to the drug class or components of the drug or are hypersensitive to hydroxyzine or is allergic to levocetirizine. Caution is advised in patients using depressants related to central nervous system, have hepatic impairment, there is renal disease in the patient, patients under six years old and two years old and patients aged sixty five years or above.

The patient considering using this medication should inform the pharmacist or doctor of any kind of allergies against the drug as it may have inactive elements which may cause allergies. The medical history also needs to be disclosed regarding any health issues relating to urination, prostate, liver or kidney. Hives having unusual colors or blisters or that do not itch should not be treated with this medication and a doctor needs to be consulted. The usage of this medication might make the patient drowsy and actions required attention and alertness should be avoided. Alcohol or other drugs like marijuana can enhance the drowsiness if used along with this medication. Pregnant or would be pregnant mothers are not advised to take this medication except under the supervision of health experts, as the medication is known to have passed on to breast milk. For diabetics it would be important to mention that the liquid form may contain sugar, and a doctor needs to be consulted before usage. If the patient is about to undergo surgery, prior to it, it needs to be disclosed to health professional about the usage of any prescription, non-prescription or herbal products if any.

Instructions on taking

The medicine comes in fruit flavored syrup which the children below two years of age as well as adult can consume. The capsules and tablets can be consumed by children above six years of age and adults. The normal dosage for patients below sixty five years and above six years of age is about 10mg in a day where the dosage should not be taken more than once in a span of twenty four hours. The patient may consume 5mg twice a day which is based as per the doctor’s advice if the allergic symptoms are mild. It should be consumed as per the directions in the label or as prescribed by the doctor where higher doses are not recommended for longer durations. The medication maybe taken with or without food and the tablets should be chewed then swallowed. The liquid form should be measured with a measuring cup or spoon and not with a normal household spoon.


The dosage in children aged six years to eleven years old are 5mg two times a day or 10 mg once in the day determined according to the symptoms. In children aged between two to five years old the dosage is 2.5mg syrup once in the day, which can be enhanced to the highest dose of 5mg in a day which may also be taken twice by half teaspoon every twelve hours or one 5mg tablet once in a day. For children aged six months to two years of age the syrup form is advised, where the dosage is 2.5mg once in the day for patients aged between six months to twenty three months old, for patients aged twelve months to twenty three months the highest dose is 5mg which is divided into two half teaspoons every twelve hours.

In patients who have kidney or liver problems aged twelve and above the dose is 5mg once in the day, for children aged between six to eleven years of age the lowest recommended dose is suggested, for children below six years the medicine is not recommended.

In geriatric patients where the patient is above seventy seven years of age about 5mg is suggested.

In case of missed dosage it should be taken as soon as one remembers it, but should be skipped if it is close to the time of the next dosage and continue with the usual dosage. The dosage should not be excess.

If there is over dosage, the emergency or poison control centre should be informed as soon as possible. Over dosage may cause symptoms like heavy drowsiness and children may exhibit changes in mood such as irritability and restlessness.

Side Effects

The medication can have unexpected side effects such as blurred vision, dry mouth, heavy drowsiness, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, urinating problems, rashes and itching in mouth, tongue or throat, weakness. But since it is a newer generation of antihistamine the probability of side effects may be less. Hydroxyzine and levocetirizine should not be used as it has similar properties of Cetirizine.

Interaction with Other Drugs

The interactions with other forms of drugs such as cough relievers or opioid pain medicines, drugs used for treating of sleeping or anxiety problems, medicines relating to muscle relaxants, alcohol or marijuana may cause heavy drowsiness. As the medication is already known to cause drowsiness the combination with the above may cause very heavy drowsiness.


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