Abilify Generic (Aripiprazole)

Abilify Generic (Aripiprazole)

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Abilify Generic is a different name for the same Aripiprazole ingredients. The content of Abilify Generic pills is absolutely the same as in the branded Aripiprazole analogue.

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Sold under the brand name Aripiprazole, Abilify Generic is an antidepressant used for the clinical correction of psychiatric disorders and ailments like schizophrenia and mania. The drug is equally used concomitantly with other medicines for treating critical depressions in older patients. In juveniles under age 6, this drug is used to correct Tourette's disorder, distemper, agitations, mood changes, and aggression.

Although how Abilify Aripiprazole works in the body is yet to be established, but then, just like every other antidepressant, it stops receivers in the brain from the reuptake of many neurotransmitters. It relieves the symptoms of psychotic disorders by leaving so much dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

The Abilify's impact on the receptors is diverse, as it entails stimulating the receptors, however, in a lesser manner than the natural neurotransmitters.It is a psychotropic medication that varies the neurotransmitters level in the brain to correct schizophrenia, depression, and other psychiatric problems.

Contraindication: Important Things to Know

The use of Abilify Aripiprazole is discouraged in patients with dementia because it can result in death for older patients with dementia. Antipsychotic drugs like Abilify Generic has been known to initiate suicidal thoughts when used to correct depressions, so it is crucial that you pay attention to the symptoms in your mood or feelings.

Patients using this drug ought to be checked by their physician for signs of possible relapse or adverse effects of the medicine, as it can cause significant changes in the mood and reactions generally. Discontinue the use of Abilify Aripiprazole and contact your physician immediately if you notice fever accompanied with rigid muscles and accelerated heartbeat, unconscious movements, and abrupt unusual symptoms like loss of irritations, chronic headache, sight impairment, and staggering.

If you are allergic to Aripiprazole generally, it is not advisable that you take this drug. To ensure that it is safe for your body, inform your physician if you suffer any of these conditions: liver or kidney disorders, cardiac disorders, elevated blood pressure or hypotension, and heart arrhythmia.

Also, before you use this drug, ensure you tell your physician if you have high blood cholesterol levels, a past case of cardiac arrest, epileptic episodes, dyslexia, blood cell disorders, and diabetes. The oral suspension syrup of Abilify Aripiprazole might have as much as 15% sugar per dose, so diabetes patients need to notify their physicians before using the medication.

Again, if you have phenylketonuria, you might need to use this drug strictly on a doctor's prescription because the tablet form of Aripiprazole usually contains phenylalanine in high dosages. Let your physician determine the appropriateness of the medication for your body.

Pregnant women using antipsychotic medications like Abilify Aripiprazole in the third trimester might encounter problems with their babies, such as difficulties in withdrawing, troubled breathing, anorexia, clumsiness, Parkinson's disorder, and rigidity of the muscles and limbs. You still can have withdrawal problems or other complications if you discontinue the use of your medications while carrying the pregnancy. If you get pregnant while using the drug, then, notify your physician before continuing its usage.

Instructions on Taking

Never should you be discretionary when you want to use Abilify Aripiprazole, abide strictly by the doctor's direction. Go through all the instructions on the prescription label and adhere to them. Sometimes, your physician might adjust the dosage to ensure the optimum outcome is achieved. Use only the recommended dosage of this drug, nothing more or less than advised.

Discontinue the use of the drug after six weeks of consistent usage unless your physician has directed you to do otherwise. This medicine can be used with food or even while you have not eaten. Use the provided dispensing syringe or dosage spoon and cups to gauge the quantities you are going to take. If your drug does not come with one, contact your pharmacist.

While attempting to use the oral tablet form of Abilify Generic, never burst the blister pack open until you are set to use it. Unpack the drug and tear-off the foil at the back, never force the medication out otherwise you risk damaging the medicine.

Ensure that you keep the drug away from any contaminant and use as soon as you open it to prevent swallowing a contaminated mediciament. The oral dispersible tablet ought to be fully dissolved in water before you start using it. Do not attempt to chew it and if you wish, you can drink the liquid to assist in taking the dissolved tablet.

What Dosage to Take

The dosage of Abilify Aripiprazole generally varies with ages of the patients. For instance, in adults who have schizophrenia, the advisable dosage to begin with is 10 or 15mg daily regardless of time of eating. If the dose is increased, a minimum of 14 days must have passed from the commencement of the drug use to have a steady-state.

Schizophrenic patients should continuously be checked to see if they still need to keep using the drug. For adolescents having schizophrenia however the starting dose is 10mg per day. If there is a need to change to other antipsychotic medications, a brief window of some days should be observed.

For the treatment of various expressions of bipolar disorders, the dosage recommended is 15mg administered daily. If Abilify Aripiprazole is to be combined with other drugs for treating acute mania, then a dosage of 10 to 15mg daily will be ideal.

For juveniles between age 10 to 17 years old, the starting dose is 2mg daily which can be increased to 2 in two day's time.

Side Effects of Abilify Aripiprazole

Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms of allergies: hives, dyspnea, oedematous face, lips, throat, or tongue. Discontinue the use of Abilify Generic and alert your physician immediately if you notice any severe negative signs like uncoordinated movements, inability to breathe properly, loss of coordination, irregular heartbeat, rigid muscles, sudden high fever, impaired sight.

Other possible adverse effects are dizziness, heartburn, headache, agitations, faint spells, peristaltic rush, indigestion, anorexia, increased weight, stomach ache, drooling, and pains in the upper and lower limb.

It is advisable that you do not handle or power any machine till you fully understand the effect of the drug on your health. Notify your physician of any severe side effects instantly, such symptoms like convulsions, high body temperature, unconscious movements, impaired sight, arrhythmia, hives, intense sweating, hallucinations, rigid muscles, itching, edema, dyspnea or difficulties in swallowing, and inability to rotate the neck.

It is not impossible to have other adverse effects like narcolepsy, worries, confusion, general body weakness, memory loss, mood swings, nauseating feelings, diarrhea, stomach ache, and backache.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Usage of Abilify Aripiprazole with other medications can induce dizziness or reduce breathing rate and can snowball into potentially-lethal effects. Inquire from your physician before using sedatives, analgesic drugs, cough relief medications, or other antipsychotic medications.

There are quite some drugs that can interact with Aripiprazole: both the ones prescribed by the physician and the over-the-counter medicines. Even vitamins and herbal supplements can interact with Abilify Generic, so it is necessary that you inform your physician about all your medications before you begin or discontinue the use of Abilify Aripiprazole.


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