Singulair Generic (Montelukast)

Singulair Generic (Montelukast)

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Singulair Generic is a different name for the same Montelukast ingredients. The content of Singulair Generic pills is absolutely the same as in the branded Montelukast analogue.

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General Info: Uses and Effects

This is a drug which is a kind of leukotriene receptor antagonist. It used as medication for asthma or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Leukotrienes are naturally occurring elements in the human body that increase the inflammation. The drug inhibits the growth of Leukotriene that causes the inflammation the cells. The drug however does not eliminate the production of two enzymes in the liver CYP2C9 or CYP3A4, which are vital in breaking down of and flushing out drugs. Therefore this drug does not eliminate other drugs which zafirlukast does. The drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1998 and the safety and efficacy has been shown in children above six years of age. The drug is not used for treating an ongoing asthma attack, where side effects have proven to be dangerous.

Contraindication: Important to Know

The drug is not advised to treat acute asthma attacks in reversal of bronchospasm. However the treatment through the drug can be used even during acute asthma like condition. Patients who suffer from asthma like conditions after exercise should keep a short acting inhaled beta agonist in case of emergency.

The dosage of the medicine maybe reduced gradually it should not be suddenly stopped and replaced with inhaled or oral corticosteroids. Patients who are sensitive towards aspirin are advised to avoid aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory elements when the drug is intended to be used.

Patients should be conscious about their mental health and responsiveness and should take a note for any neuropsychiatric episodes. The drug is known to have caused conditions like agitation, anxiousness, memory loss, insomnia, hallucinations suicidal thoughts etc.

Patients should be aware of any eosinophilia or vasculitic rash, deteriorating pulmonary conditions, cardiac issues or any cases of neuropathy.

Patients suffering from phenylketoneuria need to be informed that 4mg and 5mg tablets contain an ingredient named phenylalanine about 0.674mg in 4 mg tablets and 0.842mg in 5mg tablets. If the individual is consuming any other medication for controlling asthma the patient is advised to not stop continuing with the usage or decreasing it while taking Singulair. During the usage of this drug if it is found that the patient is more often in the need exceeding the normal dose of short acting inhaled bronchodilators or exceeding the prescribed dosage in a twenty four period medical supervision is recommended.

The drug should be consumed as per the prescription and should not be stopped even when the patient is not showing any signs of the indications for which it was intended to be used.

Instructions on taking

The 4mg oral granules can be consumed through the mouth either directly or it can be consumed by dissolving the drug in one teaspoonful (5 ml) of cold or room temperature breast milk or baby formula, or with cold or room temperature soft foods like applesauce, ice cream, rice or carrots only. The full dosage should be consumed within fifteen minutes after opening of the packet whether taken directly or mixing it along with the above mentioned foods which should not be kept for usage in future and any unconsumed portion should be thrown away. The oral granules are supposed to be swallowed and not chewed. After consuming the medicine other forms of liquid maybe taken which can be used without paying much attention to the timing of meals. For the drug to be effective it should be taken at the same time as prescribed.


The dosage is based on medical condition and age of the patient as well as the strength of the drug. The schedule of the drug usage is determined according to condition of the medical problem the patient is suffering from.

For treating asthma the dosages depends on the form of the drug and age of the patient such as oral tablet form is 10mg onetime per day during evening, for children and teenager aged fifteen and below as prescribed by the doctor, for oral form (chewable tablets) 5mg once in the evening for children and teenagers aged six to fourteen years, for children aged two to five years dosage be determined by doctor, children two to five years can consume 4mg once in the evening, children younger than two years has to be prescribed by doctor. For oral granules in children two to five years of age 4mg once in the evening, for infants twelve to twenty three months of age 4mg in the evening, for infants less than twelve months of age as prescribed by doctor.

For avoiding asthma caused by exercise the tablets in adults and teenagers fifteen years and above 10mg two hours prior to workouts where second dosage within a span of twenty four hours is not advised, in children and teenagers less than fifteen years dosage as prescribed by doctor, for oral chewable tablets in children and teenagers aged six to fourteen years 5 mg one two hours before workouts where second dosage within a span of twenty four hours is not advised, in children younger than six years dosage as prescribed by doctor.

For treatment of seasonal allergies oral tablets in adults and teenagers aged fifteen and above one time in the evening, in children and teenagers less than 15 years the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.

Side Effects

The side effects associated with this drug may be linked to blood and lymphatic disorders, immune system disorders, psychiatric disorders, nervous system disorders, cardiac disorders, respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, hepatobiliary disorder, skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorder, renal and urinary disorders.

Interaction with Other Drugs

The adjustments in dosages should not be altered when used along with other drugs such as decongestants, benzodiazepines, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, sedative hypnotics, thyroid hormones, itraconazole, gemfibrozil, warfarin, digoxin, terfenadine, oral contraceptives, prednisolone, prednisone, theophylline Etc.

Usage of the drug is not advised with drugs such as Dasabuvir and Pixantrone, but the doctor may however alter the dosage accordingly if used together.

Usage of the drug is not advised with drugs such as Gemfibrozil and Prednisone, which may increase the chances of side effects, the dosage maybe altered by the doctor accordingly if taken together.

Other interactions involve foods like grapefruit juice, alcohol or tobacco.


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