Flovent Generic (Fluticasone)

Flovent Generic (Fluticasone)

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Flovent Generic is a different name for the same Fluticasone ingredients. The content of Flovent Generic pills is absolutely the same as in the branded Fluticasone analogue.

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General Info: Uses and Effects

This drug belongs to the class of corticosteroids that is used to stop asthma attacks by preventing the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation which is at times taken along with steroid medicine as well as bronchopulmonary dysplasia and eosinophillic esophagitis. This drug however will not help an ongoing asthma attack as it does not work quickly enough. It used for maintaining asthma as prophylactic therapy and it meant for long term use. Corticosteroids influence various types of inflammatory cells as well as chemicals that are related to inflammation such as cytokines, histamine, leukotrienes. Fluticasone comes in the form of a dry powder inhaler as well as metered dose inhaler. When using this drug the patient should avoid being near people who have infections or are sick.

Contraindication: Important to Know

The use of this drug is contraindicated as following:

  • Prime treatment of asthma where intensive care is required or status asthmaticus;
  • Hypersensitivity reactions may happen when Fluticasone is administered.

There are effects of using inhaled corticosteroids such as infections in the mouth and pharynx, when such infections occur it should be treated appropriately by an antifungal therapy while usage of Fluticasone continues or the usage of Fluticasone may have to be interrupted on certain occasion. The patient is advised to rinse the mouth with water after inhalation of drug to decrease chances of having oropharyngeal candidiasis. Flovent is not a bronchodilator and patients are advised to seek medical help when the asthma is not responsive to bronchodilators during the period when the patient is getting treatment with usage of this drug. The patient may need treatment by oral corticosteroids on such occasions. Patients using those medicines that repress the immune system are more likely to have infections compared to healthier individuals. For example when the patient whether an adult or a child is having diseases like chicken pox or measles might have serious issues using corticosteroids. Proper care should be taken in individuals who have not been effectively immunized and avoid exposure. However the amount of the dosage and duration affecting the chances of having distributed infections is not known. Inhaled corticosteroids should be taken with caution for patients having active or dormant tuberculosis infection relating to the respiratory system, bacterial infection, viral infection, parasitic infections or ocular herpes simplex. Specific attention is required for patients who have changed Flovent usage form active corticosteroids to inhaled corticosteroids. When the patient is undergoing stress or an asthma attack patients who have stopped using systematic active corticosteroids are advised continue using oral corticosteroids instantly.

Instructions on taking

Fluticasone should be inhaled orally only for patients aged four years and above. After inhaling Flovent the person is advised to rinse the mouth without ingesting it. The full benefit may not be achieved even after using Flovent for one to two weeks. After the patient has achieved a stable condition it is recommended to lower down the dosage to decrease chances of having side effects. For those who do not provide positive response after two weeks of usage of Fluticasone higher dosage may help in controlling the asthma effectively. However the safety and effectiveness of Flovent is not known upon usage of higher dosage of Flovent. A valved holding chamber as well as a mask maybe supplied for younger patients. Before using Fluticasone the canister must be shaking well for five seconds before releasing four sprays. If the inhaler is not being used for seven days the inhaler should be give a shake for five seconds and one spray should be released away from the face.


For adults and patients aged twelve years and above the initial dosage is based on the records of earlier severity of the asthma and therapy and also taking into account the patients present control of symptoms related to asthma and risk. The dosage advised is 88 mcg two times a day taken within a gap of twelve hours for patients twelve years and older that do not use inhaled corticosteroid. If a patient does not respond well to the initial dosage even after two weeks of treatment increased dosages maybe recommended in providing adequate and extra control of the asthma. The maximum dosage is 880 mcg to be intake twice a day.

For pediatric patients aged between four years to eleven years, 88 mcg is recommended to be taken on time interval of twelve hours.

The general recommended doses suggest that if symptoms occur during doses, a short acting beta2 agonist inhaler should be used for quick relief. If the dosage schedule does not show any positive results, the schedule should be reassessed more options such as increasing dosage to higher strength, using a corticosteroid inhaler as well as long term beta2 agonist combined product or corticosteroids taken orally should be considered. If there is adrenal health issues upon usage of systematic corticosteroid treatment, changing it to inhaled corticosteroids may make the symptoms worse. There should be proper monitoring of any changes in vision, any past issues of heightened intraocular pressure, cataract or glaucoma. There should be proper observance of any reduction in bone mineral density if risk factor relating to osteoporosis is present, any kind of growth reduction in children, eosinophilic conditions, hepatic impairment.

Side Effects

The side effects depend on each characteristic of an individual. The side may be varied which may be immunosuppression, hypercortism, adrenal suppression, reduced bone mineral density, growth effects, cataracts and glaucoma. The more common ones being white patches in mouth or throat and the less common being bone pain, ear ache, fever, nausea, pain on passing uring, vomiting, sore throat, trouble swallowing, stomach or lower abdominal pain.

Interaction with Other Drugs

There are in total eighty eight drugs comprising of 263 brands as well as generic drugs which interact. Out of which thirty seven are major drugs while twenty seven are moderate drugs and twenty four minor drugs.


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